Must Reads!

These are just a few of the great Sim stories, Legacies and Rainbowcies I’ve come across.

Stand By Me: A short story I wrote about Chestnut Straw and Mulberry Pinot Noir

Rae’s “Friends 4 Life” blog

From Sea To Shore: A Seastrider 100 Baby Challenge

Nicarra’s Sims 3 Short Stories

Nicarra’s “Hi Mum, It’s Sammy” blog

Nicarra’s “Art Flows Through” blog

Nicarra’s “World Adventures with the Grant Family” blog

Nicarra’s “The SV Times” blog

BerryPie27’s Splash of Color Pastel Rainbowcy

Skip45’s Too Much Color, Too Little Time Rainbowcy

sErindippity’s Danevbie Legacy

altheaquin’s Noir Nights Hidden Sights

betweentwolungs’ Do you know what it’s like to believe? The Beckett Legacy

Jenaben8806’s Langston Legacy: A legacy where no one is perfect

takeOnme’s Modern Day Princess

Nestea7’s My Life Caught on a Silver Camera

Coolgirl12’s Child Vampire

More to come soon!


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