Good news!

I got my new computer, everything’s installed and I think I finally have everything squared away enough to get back to business.  So as of right now I’m working on the next update.  No timeline, still, as, like I mentioned before, Hibi’s story is special to me and I’m going to post his story in one or two parts before I jump into Lehua Blossom’s generation but I’m making progress.  Hoping to have an update out soon!


Not the update I wanted to post and an apology.

I’m very sorry to have to be posting yet ANOTHER delay and apology but it is what it is.  I’ve been working hard on the next gen after taking a bit of a break.  However, a couple weeks ago my computer went belly up.  It was the motherboard and I was able to save the hard drive so I didn’t lose any game saves or documents.  After spending some time searching for just what I wanted in another computer, I ordered one.  It was supposed to be here several days ago but the company has no clue when it’ll get to me and it’s an order that can’t be cancelled even if I wanted to. So, for now at least, I’m stuck. I am so sorry for the tremendous gap.  I won’t give any sort of timeline because at this point, I’m dealing with the stupid company and have no clue.  I just hope that I’ll get it soon so I can get things rolling again. 

Sorry everyone. 😦