Generation 1 Q&A: Part 2

What’s going on with all the kids now?

*It’s worth noting that Kiki’s whole face lit up when I asked this question.*

Kiki: It’s hard to know where to start. Our kids are amazing! Hibi is 17 and a senior at Bridgeport High. Our Hib is very science minded and naturally excels in his chemistry and math courses. He used to spend hours at his chemistry table in the garage but the last couple years, he’s really discovered how much he loves painting and sculpting. He really takes after his Father in that respect. Recently, he entered one of his sculptures in a contest sponsored by the art museum and he won!

I guess the other big thing is that our Hibi has fallen in love for the very first time and I have to admit, I think this may be it for him. He’s been absolutely smitten ever since Nautilus, quite literally, dropped into our lives and those boys love each other so much.

Lotus: They’re just teenagers, Ki.

Kiki: *Smiles knowingly at Lotus* We were just teenagers, too, Lo.

Lotus: Yeah but…

Kiki: Oh, Lo. I love this side of you so much. *Turns back to me* Lo’s been having a little bit of a hard time seeing his baby in a relationship. He and Hibiscus have always been extremely close. I admit, it is a little hard to see him so grown up but I’m just happy that if he has to be in love, it’s with someone like Nautilus. I think Lo would agree with me, even though it’s hard for him to admit it. He adores Nauti, right Lo?

Lotus: Okay, I’ll admit he is a pretty good kid.

Zbornie: Sounds like things are going well for Hibi, then. What about the others?

Lotus: Orchid and Fleur are 14 now. Fleur is still very shy and reserved with people she doesn’t know but she’s extremely close to all her brothers and sisters and her friends. She takes after Hibi-science is very second nature to her. If you ask her she says she either wants to go into botany, physics or medicine.

Kiki: Orchid is into sports. Oh, berry, does that boy love sports. And he’s a natural at them! He plays football, baseball, basketball and runs track. He also worships the ground Hibiscus walks on. He adores his big brother. He does okay in school-he struggles and I think that bothers him sometimes since Hibi and Fleur have such an easy time. Fleur and Mazu tutor him and Hua and that seems to really help. He works hard and we couldn’t be prouder of him.

Lotus: Our triplets are 13. Calla Lily is our little bookworm. We can almost always count on finding her with her nose in a book. She writes poetry and short stories and she’s really good. I love taking her to the magazine with me because she’s always so fascinated. I won’t push her in that direction but I would be beyond thrilled to have her work there with me some day. Calla struggles, sometimes, with not having berry skin or hair like the rest of us but we try to remind her that she got her hair from her Grandpa Sam and that we love her tremendously. She’s adjusted but it still comes up from time to time.

Kiki: Soph is our little wild child. There is no way to classify her. I like to say she defies all labels. What does that mean? She’s the most unique child I’ve ever met. Some days she’s a tom boy through and through, planting whoopee cushions, climbing trees and catching bugs. Other days she’s a total girly girl-dressing in princess dress up clothes and insisting that we call her Queen Sophornitella, ruler of ALL. She’s extremely creative-she plays piano, guitar and drums. She also paints and sculpts. She loves clothes and is always wanting to dress the other kids. They rarely let her but she keeps trying. A couple months ago Lo brought home a box of fabric scraps from that one of his photographers snagged at a fashion show and Soph was over the moon with excitement.

Lotus: I guess that leaves our little Lehua Blossom. Hua is such a sweet little girl. She struggles a little in school, too and, like Ki mentioned before, Fleur and Mazu help her out with her studies. She can be clumsy and a little day-dreamy but sometimes she tells me the stories she daydreams up and, I have to say, it impresses me. That girl’s imagination is amazing. Lately Hua’s been getting into cooking. Ki’s an amazing cook so they spend a lot of time together in the kitchen. On the other hand, Pinkberry is really great at baking so Hua spends a fair amount of time baking over at their house, too.

Lehua Blossom, Sophornitella, Calla Lily

Zbornie: What about everyone else’s kids?

Riptide: Ocean and Kobi are both doing great. They’re both at Bridgeport U. Kobi’s studying medicine and Ocean’s studying to be a teacher. They just got an apartment downtown. It’s been hard living apart from them but I’m managing. At least one of them is at the house four or five times a week so that helps.

Ocean, Kobi

Reef is 13, Kai is 12 and Lagoon is 9. All three of them are taking Sim Fu classes and doing pretty well. Reef plays football at school and this past spring started helping coach little league. All my kids, including the girls, love surfing and we try to all get together at least once a month to go together. I really can’t complain about my kids. I’m a lucky guy.

Kai, Reef.


Jericho: Our kids are doing great, too! Salty’s 16. Still best friends with Hibi and plays on the school football team. Mazu’s 14 and is almost always hanging with a Bali kid-most often Orchid. Those two have been best friends practically since Mazu was born. Triakis is 12 and Rock Candy is 9. Most of them are involved in some kind of sport or another. Mazu and Triakis both play piano. Mazzy and Tri are also striders. I try to take them to the ocean as often as I can to help guide them as they learn how to use their abilities.

Salt Water Taffy, Mazu

Triakis, Rock Candy

What’s going on with Kiki’s family? We haven’t seen much of them.
Kiki: They still live in the neighborhood, a few blocks over from us. Dad and Ashley are still married. Ashley is a legal secretary and Dad’s still in business and doing well. They both talk about retiring in the next few years.

Kiki: Samantha is the same as ever- a bit unpleasant to be around if you don’t know her.

Lotus: Or even if you do know her.

Kiki: Lo!

Lotus: Sorry, Love, but it is so true.

Kiki: *sighs* I suppose Lo is right. Samantha can be difficult to deal with at times. But she’s family. She works in law and we see her every couple of weeks. She was dating a nice guy but, like a lot of her other relationships, it fell apart. Samantha says she’s happy to stay single until she can find a guy who, and I quote, “Isn’t the biggest idiot, sensitive, babied, tender heart on the face of the earth.”

Lotus: What she really means is until she can find a guy with no testicles who can deal with her ball crushing neurotics. In other words, never.

Kiki: Lo!

Lotus: Again, Love, sorry.

Kiki: Abby is doing well, too. She graduated a couple years ago and is working down at the science lab doing research. She’s a bit nutty at times. *Kiki glares at Lo who makes a show of clamping his lips shut* Okay so her nickname is “mad scientist” but she’s truly sweet and I enjoy spending time with her.

Lo, what about Andrew?

Lotus: He’s still in Twinbrook, unfortunately. We don’t really like taking the kids there so we’ve only been once or twice over the years. Luckily, he’s able to visit us here every few weeks or so.

Lotus and Kiki, are you looking forward to grandkids?

Lotus: *Chokes on water and spits it out, coughing wildly*

Zbornie: O.O Holy crap, are you okay? What the heck just happened?

Kiki: *Bangs on Lo’s back* Lo’s a little, ah, sensitive about the prospect of grandchildren. You know how I mentioned earlier he has a hard time seeing his babies as growing up? Same issue here. I’m kind of feeling the same. Our children are growing up but they’re still so young. I think we’ll both love having Grandchildren but we’re counting on a few more years until that happens.

I think that just about wraps up our interview with Lotus, Kiki, Riptide, Pinkberry and Jericho. It was fun hanging out with them today but if I don’t wrap up soon, we’ll never get to Gen 2! Thanks guys, for answering all the questions so honestly and openly.

Moving on, a few of the questions posted for me:

Do you use Fawkes or EA skins?
I use a combination of four skins. For the tones, I used Fawkes. Kiki and the Spencers all have EA tones. They’re by far my favorite skin tones. You can find them at Mod the Sims.
I use a Peggy retexture default replacement skin for their faces and Lady Frontbum Naughty default replacement skins for their bodies.
I also use Honest Gaze default replacement eyes by jillrp. They can be found at Mod the Sims.

Where did you find Riptide’s hair?
Riptide’s Hair

Where do you get your cc?
This is a difficult question to answer because I get my cc from all over the place. Mostly, I check My Sims 3 Blog every day for updates and go from there. I get a lot of my hairs from Anubis, My Blue Book, Lotus’ Journal and Newsea but it’s certainly not limited to those.

Last question. Could Lotus and Kiki be anything less than the cutest Berry couple ever?
I’ll let you all be the judge of that because I think I’m rather biased. 😉

**I want to thank you all for your input and for just reading Fade. I have a lot of fun with it and it means a lot to know that people enjoy it. It’s worth noting that Avanis, Raelsinclaire and Nicarra have all been a great help to me as I square away each chapter. Without their input, Fade might be very different.

I got a lot of great input for this Q & A from readers. I only left out two questions (my apologies, Nicarra) because they gave a little too much away before I’m ready to let go of that information. I had so much fun putting this together. If there are questions in the future, feel free to drop them to me on wordpress or my sims facebook. (Just search Zbornie. I’m there!)

A few more things you should know-The Bali’s new house was made as a surprise to me by Raelsinclaire. It turned out amazing and the hours and hours she spent on it really show. Thankies Rae!! ❤

The house prior to that one was a great little home made by Nancy0925. The wallpaper mistake I alluded to was NOT Nancy’s. It was simply mine when I was playing with decorating, left it, took pics without paying attention and then was effectively stuck with it after publishing the pics.

As you may have guessed, many of the berries I dropped into Fade are friends simselves or else sims made by fellow simmers. Thank you everyone for helping me populate Bridgeport. A few of the sims are Sea Striders. Jericho and Nautilus are both from Avanis’ Sea to Shore 100 Baby Challenge, though in this dimension, they aren’t Father and Son. (You’ll have to wait until Hibi’s story to learn more about Nautilus’ presence in Fade.) Two of Jericho and Pink’s kids in Fade, Mazu and Triakis, are Striders. Sea Striders can live on land or in water and typically have abilities centered around water manipulation or abilities that are enhanced when water is accessible to them. Striders are usually identifiable by their blue skin, though it’s important to note that having blue skin does not automatically make a character a strider. For instance Ocean Spectrum, Riptide’s daughter, is simply a berry. You can read more about the stiders in Avanis’ From Sea To Shore: A Seastrider 100 Baby Challenge.

I can’t end this without showing some mad love for my girl, Avanis, who I adore the shit out of. She’s helped so much with Fade it’s not even funny and collabbing with her on Fade and a few other things has seriously been one of the best writing experiences I’ve had. But beyond that, she makes me smile like a thousand times a day and she’s just, in general, fucking awesome in every way. Love you Vani! ❤

Zasha (That’s me! Zbornie!), Pinkberry aka Vani

See you all next gen! Until then, a few piccies to hold you over!


6 thoughts on “Generation 1 Q&A: Part 2

  1. That had to be the best wrap up ever!!!!! I just love Kiki and Lo and it will be sad to see the next gen starting but I have no doubt I will fall in love the them just as much!!!

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