House Guests…

Dad broke the news to me the night after he talked to Ashley.

I’d like to say I took it well but…

“Dad how could you do this?! I mean…I just…You can’t…How can you do this? Dad, a BOY, you can’t let a boy move in here! And what about bathrooms? And what if they’re hanging out down here all the time? I’ll have to stay in my room! It will be so awkward! Dad, I…”

He cut me off before I could freak out any further.

“Sweetheart you have got to calm down! Listen to yourself! This isn’t that big a deal. It’s friends. Someone I know and trust. And yes, he has a son, but I think we can deal with that. How would you have liked living in a hotel when we moved here? Let’s get some perspective. Frankly, it worries me that you’re this upset over something so simple. It’s only a few weeks.”

With tears in my eyes, I leaned in and whispered what scared me most.
“Dad, what if they…what if someone sees…”

But he cut me off again

“Kiki, I know. Okay? I know how hard this is for you. But you have got to believe me when I tell you that does NOT matter.”
I’m sure the look on my face let him know I didn’t agree. He sighed heavily.
“Look, I know you think it matters but it doesn’t. I know Twinbrook isn’t the easiest place for you to live and it’s been hard for you but you can’t have a complex like this. Sweetheart, please trust me when I say with absolute certainty that it won’t matter to them. Now please try to calm down. I expect you to be nothing less than polite when they get here tomorrow night.”

And nothing I could say would change things.

They arrived on Monday afternoon.

My first impression of Mr. Bali was…boring. Typical middle aged business man but he seemed nice enough and even managed to politely chat with Ashley.

I figured if he was this benign then his kid couldn’t be that bad. Right?

How wrong I was.

Lotus Bali came strolling through the door seconds later, looking like he didn’t have a care in the world.

After Mr. Bali introduced him, he stood off to the side listening to our parents talk while I tried to keep my jaw from hitting the floor.

Did I mention Lotus is a Berry? An extremely good looking one at that.

I spent the next couple of minutes looking everywhere but at Lotus. That’s when I noticed Dad giving me the stink eye and I realized it was my job to welcome Lotus. Fabulous. It took a lot of internal pep talk, but I finally worked up my nerve and approached him.

“Um, hi. I’m, um, K-Kiki.”
He simply stared at me. This wasn’t going well.
“I, uh, I just wanted to welcome you…and stuff. I moved here two years ago and, well, I remember how stressful it was. So, um, if you need anything or I could show you around or something…” That was pushing it but it seemed the polite thing to do. Besides, I was out of things to say at that point. Luckily, he finally stopped staring at me and spoke.

“K-Kiki is it?” My heart sank at the tone of his voice.

“Let’s get something straight. I don’t belong here in this stupid house and this stupid town and we both know it. So don’t waste your breath pretending to be polite. Do us both a favor and just leave me alone. Got it?”

I got it. Loud and clear.


And so it begins…

Picture Perfect…

From the outside, I’m sure it looks that way.

I’m Kiki.  My full name is Kielekea so you can understand why I prefer Kiki.  It means “White Gardenia.” My name, like everything else about me, stands out in this family.  Dad says that’s the name my Mom was set on and he didn’t have the heart to choose something different when she died. Ashley’s my Step-Mother.

She and Dad got married when I was 4 and had my little Step-Monster, eh, I mean Sister when I was 5.  Ashley is…different.  She’s kind of uptight and she doesn’t have much of a sense of humor but she’s  the only Mother I’ve ever really known so I try to be nice to her even though I rarely agree with her. She loves things neat and tidy and the most important thing to her is keeping up appearances. Can’t have anyone thinking we’re not perfect.

And Samantha is…well, she’s just Samantha.  She’s a bit mean spirited but we’ve all got our issues, right? I’m sure she’ll grow out of it… 

My life is pretty boring. We moved to Twinbrook two years ago. Twinbrook is…bland. An endless sea of beige and gray lives, all trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Ashley homeschools us and, other than going into town for writing, cooking or music lessons, I don’t get out much. I just don’t feel like I fit in here. And, unfortunately, I’m really shy so it’s hard for me to talk to people, even when I do get out.

I spend most of my time reading, writing, playing the piano and painting. Life is pretty mundane.

Or it was…

Things began to change one night a few weeks ago and I didn’t even know it.

While I was sleeping peacefully, in the next room my Dad and Ashley were having a conversation that would eventually turn my life upside down.

“Sweetie, remember I told you my old college buddy was moving here?”

“Of course. You said he’s transferring to your office.”

“He is. The thing is, you know how bad the housing market is right now. They haven’t found anything. He’s supposed to start in a week and they still haven’t found anything. I offered to let him stay here while they keep looking. It seemed silly to let them stay in a hotel when we have all this space.”

“What?! Why didn’t you tell me? I don’t even know him. Doesn’t he have a teenaged son? Do you think that’s wise?”

“Calm down, Ash. He’s a good guy and, yeah, he’s got a son but that makes me even more determined they don’t shack up in a hotel somewhere. Can you imagine how hard this all has to be on the kid? It’s not like it’s forever. It’s just a few weeks until they get into a new house.”

“*Sigh* Well, you’ve already offerred. It’s not like we can take that back. I guess I’ll manage. Just a few weeks, right?”

“Yes. Try to relax, okay? What could possibly happen in just a few weeks time?”

Famous last words…

And here we go…

I started this wordpress mainly to share interesting pictures and hopefully a story about my Sim family. If things go well, maybe they’ll even be around for a few generations.  This won’t be a legacy or a rainbowcy as I’m not much of a rule follower.  However I’ve developed quite an affinity for colorful Sims so it will definitely be colorful!

I’m new to WordPress so be patient with me as I figure out how to change things to make the page look nicer and easier to manage. Any tips in this area would be much appreciated!